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You know what should be locked 4 kids

With Locked4Kids the industry can continue to use carton box packaging and at the same time act responsibly by using packaging that is much safer for young children.

Products that should be locked 4 kids are:
• Regulated over the counter (OTC) and prescription medicines
• Detergents, pesticides and herbal supplements
• Various glue types
• Needles, staples and other small objects
• Knives and other sharp objects
• etc.


USP's for pharmaceutical companies:
• Multiple unit dose blisterstrips per carton (as many as required)
• High speed packaging process (comparable to regular carton)
• Standard packaging equipment (Romaco - Uhlmann - Pentapack etc.)
• Compliance packaging - CR mechanism, PIL can easily be fixed to tray, use of unit dose blisterstrips
• Very cost effective solution
• A Carton is much a better sales packaging as compared to bottles
• The use of blisterstrips offers many advantages as compared to using bottles (hygiene, controlled expiry date of drugs, patient compliance)
First F=1 carton box that complies with both US and European legislation on CR packaging
• Environmental friendly
• Global availability


USP's for consumers:
• Safe for young children
• Easy to open and reclose for adults and seniors
• PIL stays with the medicines
• Easy to carry along
• Environmental friendly


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Simplicity explained

The Locked4Kids carton box is portable, easy to use (once you know to open it) and can be opened and closed endlessly, without losing its protective function. This unique concept is all about simplicity. Read more

Fully tested

Various sizes of the Locked4Kids cartons have been successfully tested and are officially certified against both the ISO 8317 as well as the US 16 CRF 1700.20 standard for Child Resistant Packaging.
The US variants of Locked4Kids cartons have been tested against the highest rating in CR packaging F=1. Locked4Kids was tested and certified according the US CPSC regulation 16 C.F.R. § 1700.20.

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Application areas

Are your products hazardous for young children? Whether you are a producer or retailer: the Locked4Kids-concept offers you the opportunity to sell or package your products in carton boxes that cannot be easily accessed by young children.

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