Award 2017

wins prestigious
AmeriStar award

in the top 3 category
"Best of Show"


Locked4Kids wins golden NJPEC Award for Pharmaceutical Packaging, and silver award for the child resistand dishwasher and laundry pod carton in the category Household / Industrial.


Gold award for

Silver award for
Household Industrial

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Locked4Kids 2.0

certified child resistant cartons

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The carton, the most successful packaging ever developed, even got better. 

We present Locked4Kids 2.0
The world’s first reclosable, senior friendly,
child resistant carton.

Certified for the USA and Europe

Locked4Kids 2.0 is not just certified. It's certified with amazing results.

100% testing score on senior friendliness
Senior hands opening Locked4Kids

Re-designed from scratch, we aimed for the thin line between keeping young children out and giving adults 100% accessibility.

Simple, cost-effective and easy to produce.

More and more tablets and capsules are packaged in blister strips.

An introduction to Locked4Kids 2.0

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