It is a carton box. Completely reinvented.

Prevent unnecessary accidental poisoning and tragedies. And save children's lives. Locked4Kids is a carton box. But completely reinvented. Small children do not get it open easy. For adults and seniors the box is very easy to open.

Safety based on a unique design: Locked4Kids.

With Locked4Kids we faced a huge challenge: designing a child resistant and reclosable packaging which is simple, inexpensive and suitable for mass production. We started from scratch and redeveloped each essential element as part of a seemingly simple design. The result is much more than just safety and simplicity. Locked4Kids is the future of the child resistant reclosable package.

The child resistant reclosable carton

Medications. Too often within reach small children.

Always keep your medications away from children. Everybody knows that. Or should. The reality is unfortunately different. Medications are lying on a nightstand, countertop, or in a handbag. Completely forgotten. But within reach of curious toddler hands... And then is Locked4Kids your last line of defense that helps preventing children from accessing harmful drugs, or other household substances.

Locked4KIds is your last line of defense

Your last line of defense.

Locked4Kids is designed for medication in blisters. To keep pills safe for inquisitive babies and toddlers. As your last line of defense. But there are certainly more products that you want to store safe for your little son, daughter, nephew, niece... What about pesticides and herbal supplements? Glue, needles, staples and knives? Or batteries, lighters and matches? And so on.

What should be locked 4 kids? Let us know!

Discover the possibilities of Locked4Kids yourself. Or even better, think along with us to invent new applications to package your products child resistant.

Discover the possibilities